Consumer Reports’ results misinterpreted to Chrysler’s detriment

Operating TrueDelta, it would be in my interest to assert that Consumer Reports’ results are incorrect. But I’ve never made this argument, nor do I believe that their results are generally incorrect. Instead, I’ve repeatedly found that people’s interpretations of Consumer Reports’ results are often incorrect. A current example could have serious consquences… In a recent Detroit Free Press article,… More →

GM disbands High Performance Vehicle Operations–why this is a mistake

General Motors recently announced that it had disbanded its High Performance Vehicle Operations (HPVO) team. This is more of the same thinking that has essentially bankrupted them. The thinking: the government wants GM to focus on fuel efficiency, not performance, rendering HPVO a political liability. Disbanding HPVO is flawed on two levels. First off, gas is back under $2/gallon, and… More →

When do cars die, and what kills them?

Over at, Steven Lang has posted an interesting analysis based on the percentage of trade-ins with over 150,000 miles on the clock. The assumption: the higher the percentage of trades with so many miles, the more durable the model. A rough analysis, to be sure, but it does mean something that Hondas and Toyotas seem more likely to last… More →

Many late 2009s–an odd model year

Car sales are off by over 40 percent, and for some car models there are bound to be too many 2008s still on lots. Which might explain why, even though it is almost March and some 2010s have already reached dealers, prices have yet to be released for a surprising number of 2009 models. These include: BMW Z4 (late intro… More →

Hyundai Genesis Coupe vs. Nissan Altima coupe

So the Genesis Coupe is much less expensive than the Infiniti G37 it so strongly resembles. What about compared to Nissan’s own cut-rate G37 imitator, the Altima coupe? This is just the sort of question TrueDelta’s Car price comparison tool was designed for. First, base 2.0T vs. base 2.5–which is down 35 horsepower, but the closest comparison for the 2.0T.… More →

How much do you save with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec?

At the Chicago Auto Show Hyundai also announces that a few months after the introduction of the Genesis Coupe they will be offering a variant equipped for enthusiasts on a budget, the R-Spec. The R-Spec includes all of the performance-oriented content of the Track model, including 19-inch performance rubber, torsen differential, Brembo brakes, and sport suspension, for $3,000 less than… More →

Hyundai Genesis Coupe prices, vs. Infiniti G37

Hyundai just released the pricing for the Genesis coupe–the V6 starts at $25,000 and tops out at $31,750. I rushed the price and features info for the car into TrueDelta’s database, so you can now run quick, thorough comparisons here–note that the Genesis Coupe (listed separately from the Genesis Sedan) is a 2010: Car price comparisons I ran a comparison… More →

Odd pricing at Volkswagen

For the past few years VW has often charged a bit more at invoice than they do at MSRP for automatic transmissions. In other words, the dealer has a smaller margin when this option is added. Why? No idea. Volkswagen has gone a bit further with the 4Motion AWD option in the CC. This system adds $1,100 to the list… More →