Will This Help Sell Buicks?

Buick offers some fine cars, but their marketing strategies suggest a combination of frustration and desperation. For most of their models Buick now offers: 1. A 1SV trim level 2. A “Sport Touring” trim level The 1SV model lacks only a few features than the next level up, but costs far less. To take the most extreme example, in terms… More →

2017 Chrysler minivan: price up about $2,000

The new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica promises to be a very good minivan. But don’t let the $29,590 starting price, $1,400 lower than the 2016 Town & Country’s, lead you to think it’s also a less expensive minivan. The base 2016 Town & Country includes about $3,600 in features that are not standard on the base 2017 Pacifica. Adjust for this,… More →

Avoid configuration mistakes with our pricing tool

A funny thing happened when I configured two recent press cars using TrueDelta’s pricing tool: it turned out that both press fleet cars were configured in a way that they cost more for less content. With Jaguar’s midsize sedan, if you add two items standard on the 380-horsepower XF S to the 340-horsepower XF R Sport, 20-inch wheels and adaptive… More →

2014 Jeep Cherokee Price Analysis

Jeep is introducing a new Jeep Cherokee. Not a GRAND Cherokee, though that model also continues. The new vehicle is a replacement for the Liberty that replaced the original Cherokee a dozen years ago. Unlike its predecessors, though, it’s based on a car platform, specifically the one that also underpins the Dodge Dart. This should improve handling. It should also… More →