Are overseas models a solution for Detroit?

For at least a quarter-century, the U.S. automotive press has accused General Motors and Ford of failing to offer their best products in the domestic market. So it should stand to reason that, with Detroit again in trouble, that these companies would now be giving strong consideration to offering their European- or Australian-market products in the American market. GM’s plans… More →

Facts vs. emotions when choosing a new car

Over at GMInsideNews, Ghrankenstein recently posted an editorial on the biases of automotive information sources. He divides these into two camps: those that strive to make the car buying process rational, and those that assume it’s emotional. His point: the former camp overemphasizes criteria that can be reduced to numbers, while the latter overemphasizes the necessarily subjective driving experience. He places TrueDelta… More →

Documentation fees

I frequently come across “$x above invoice” deals, and some of them look pretty good–at first glance. At some point, perhaps only when the time comes to sign the final paperwork, it’ll come out that the invoice price includes an advertising fee, and that a documentation fee is also extra. Suddenly, you’re as much as $1,400 over the price the… More →

Thin rear brake pads

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the TrueDelta Vehicle Reliability Survey is that it excludes brand pads and rotors as wear items. Many people have legitimate complaints about pads that wore out too soon or rotors that required turning or replacement too often. So why not have them report this as an issue? Because defining what counts as “too soon,” given all… More →