Any interest in a compact van? (new Ford Transit Connect)

Over the years minivans have gotten larger and larger, to the point that they’re far from “mini.” If a more compact van were available, with more agile handling, better fuel economy, and a lower price, would people buy it? The Mazda5 hasn’t done especially well. But maybe the 2014 Ford Transit Connect, arriving later next year, will fare better. What… More →

Who will buy the 2014 GM pickups? Does it matter?

I haven’t reviewed a full-size pickup in years because I assume that my tastes are so different from those of the typical pickup buyer. My review simply wouldn’t be relevant to them. Or so I thought. I might be wrong. Today I attended the reveal for GM’s redesigned full-size pickups, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, which will launch next… More →