The price of Ford’s EcoBoost

Ford has now announced the prices of the 2010 Fords and Lincolns equipped with its 355 to 365 horsepower “EcoBoost” 3.5-liter turbocharged V6. At one point Ford said EcoBoost would add $750 to the cost of an engine. But perhaps they were comparing the EcoBoost engine to the one it took the place of, a V8 in this case. As… More →

My Garage

People have been asking for an easier way to get to the previous responses and surveys for all their cars. It has been possible to get to a list of your cars by going to any survey, but there hasn’t been one centralized car list. Well, now there is one. Just click on “My Garage” in the navigation bar, log… More →

Most popular price comparisons

I used to update the list of most popular car price comparisons every month or two. But they rarely changed much, so…well, it’s been nearly a year. And still there haven’t been many changes. The former #1 and #2, Accord-Camry and Odyssey-Sienna, have been displaced all the way to #2 and #3. The new #1: Honda CR-V vs. Toyota RAV4,… More →

2010 Subaru Legacy pricing — turbo four GT on the way out?

A key attraction of the Subaru Legacy has been the GT trim, which offered a turbo four, manual transmission, and all-wheel-drive in a moderately priced almost midsize sedan. A flat six was also offered in recent years, but Subaru’s emphasis was on the turbo four. I’ve added pricing for the 2010 Legacy to TrueDelta’s database, and price comparisons with the… More →