SRT to Smart

The theory behind market segmentation assumes that people have a certain set of needs and thus that when looking to buy something like a car can be expected to buy a specific type of product. Reality isn’t nearly so clean. Although I continue to find market segmentation quite interesting (how might car buyers be grouped?), and believe there’s a role for… More →

The numbers behind Consumer Reports’ reliability ratings

In Consumer Reports, a 3 percent problem rate can count as “much worse than average” at the system level (electrical, cooling, etc.). That’s the lowest problem rate for which they’ll assign a solid black dot, if it also happens to be 45 percent worse than the average. In the case of a 3 percent black dot, the average problem rate for the system would have to… More →

What does it take?

When the Vehicle Reliability Survey first goes out near the beginning of the month, over 1,000 people responded in the first two hours. Now we’re at the end of the cycle, and I’ve been pushing to get six models that are just a single response short over the hump. Nearly 200 emails were sent this morning to panel members who own… More →