Where’s my car?

Back in 2001 the Toyota Altezza arrived in the U.S. as the Lexus with a price in the low 30s. The interior didn’t seem worthy of a Lexus, and the price was beyond the reach of many who would otherwise buy a small rear-drive sedan. Ever since then I’ve been waiting for a manufacture to fill an obvious hole in… More →

Filter results on TrueDelta’s Fuel Economy Survey

Sometimes when I have an idea, I wish I’d implemented it much earlier. This is one of those times. I’ve been planning all along to eventually analyze results of TrueDelta’s Fuel Economy Survey to generate figures for straight city driving, straight highway, the impact of A/C use, and so forth. Problem is, with so many variables, this is going to… More →

Tweaks to the repair survey

Starting this month, I’ve added a new outcome to the repair survey: successful repair without replacing parts. I’ve done this because a small but not insignificant portion of repairs involve cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, or otherwise improving the function of a part rather than replacing this part. Months ago I wondered whether these should be considered repairs. I’m still not sure.… More →