GM: we’re going to improve quality, too

Earlier this week Chrysler talked about taking real steps to improve its quality. Today it’s GM. Mark Reuss, GM’s head of engineering, had this to say to the Detroit Free Press: “Reliability has been the Achilles’ heel of GM for my entire career,” he said, promising he would focus the company’s engineers around the world on fixing the problem. “It… More →

Chrysler – a quality leader by the end of 2012?

According to today’s Detroit News, Chrysler is claiming that they will be a (though not “the”) quality leader by the end of 2012. They (and many other auto makers) have made similar claims before. Sometimes they achieve these goals. More often they don’t. Chrysler’s chances? Chrysler is increasing its odds of success by making what appear to be substantial changes… More →

Complete coverage of Chrysler’s five-year plan

A few days ago Chrysler presented their five-year-plan to journalists. The associated new ads have gotten most of the attention, because they, well, could be better. But other aspects of the plan are more worthy of attention: Best coverage of the Chrysler’s Five-year Plan. It’s worth noting that the Fiat and Chrysler lines have very little overlap, so each company… More →

Chrysler’s mistake with the Dodge and Ram brands

Today Chrysler officially announced that they will be splitting the Ram pickup away from the Dodge brand, and making “Ram” a separate brand. has posted 5 reasons why it’s wrong to divorce Ram trucks from the Dodge brand. And they’re good ones, chiefly that Ram truck owners think of their trucks as Dodges and are the brand most loyal… More →