When a sunroof leaks…

For years some people have avoided sunroofs because they can be a source of leaks. Personally I’ve never had one leak. But now that I’m conducting this research, I’ve learned that some of them do leak. Actually, it seems that sunroofs are designed to leak a little, just not into the car. Instead, a tube is fitted to the gutter below… More →

TrueDelta’s continuing domestic car shortage

We had a member quit in a huff last month because of TrueDelta’s “obvious bias” against domestic cars. He hasn’t been the first–there have been a handful of others–and he won’t be the last. His evidence: most of our Vehicle Reliability Survey results are for cars made by foreign-based manufacturers. And, for some reason, when rabid fans of domestic cars see… More →

25,000 vehicles!

Just a brief announcement: TrueDelta’s panel now includes 25,000 vehicles! Way back when I started this was the number I thought I needed to provide accurate results for the most popular models. And the latest results included nearly 100 model / model year combinations. The most popular model in the panel: the Honda Accord, with 742 enrolled. The next most popular: the… More →

Do built-in navigation systems make sense?

First popular in Japan, navigation systems that are built into the vehicle have become a must-have option in the U.S. as well. Very common in luxury cars, they’re increasingly common in mainstream models. But do they even make sense? The advantages of built-in navigation systems are clear: you get a larger screen, a cleaner installation, and less risk of theft.… More →