Car Reliability Stats–Now Covering All of 2016

We’ve updated our car reliability stats to cover through the end of 2016, making our information about eight months ahead of that available elsewhere. Some highlights… The new 2017 Audi Q7 is doing very well for an all-new feature-packed crossover. The competing Volvo XC90, in contrast, has a higher repair frequency than any other 2016 we have a stat for… More →

Chrysler Partners with Carhartt, Journalists Scratch Heads

I attended my first lunch today as a member of the Detroit-based Automotive Press Association. Saad Chehab, CEO of the Chrysler and Lancia brands, presented a new Chrysler 200 S Special Edition, a collaboration between Mopar and Carhartt. Then $28,870 car has been modified with a clean air intake, performance exhaust, sport suspension, black grille, black wheels, and black Carhartt… More →

A landmark car: 2012 Ford Focus

Auto makers must constantly play a high-risk guessing game. Car buyers’ priorities vary, and change over time. It takes a few years to develop a new car, so auto makers must try to figure out what people will want in the future. A few years ago different companies placed very different bets. Chevrolet and Ford kept hearing that their cars… More →

Hidden values among today’s new cars?

Competing cars are often priced very similarly once feature differences are accounted for. But not always. Some cars are simply better values than others. Have you found a new car that seems very attractively priced? If so, which one? I’d like to run it through TrueDelta’s car price comparison tool to see how it measures up.

November Car Reliability Survey results

TrueDelta received a record number of responses to October’s Car Reliability Survey—nearly 19,000. Updated car reliability stats have been posted to the site for 488 cars, up from 459 three month ago. There are partial results for another 370. These stats cover through the end of September 2010. Other sources of car reliability information will not cover the third quarter… More →

GM’s next CEO: no high-profile hip shooters, please

Well, Henderson it out as CEO of GM, and they’re hunting for a replacement. Who should it be? The auto industry includes a number of high-profile CEOs who get a lot of press for their big personalities and willingness to make the big decisions. Then there is Alan Mulally, who has gotten credit for sound financial planning and team building… More →