Two new crossovers from Volkswagen: Atlas and Tiguan

For some time Volkswagen has aimed to become the world’s largest auto maker. Their weak spot has been North America, where they lag far behind Toyota and General Motors. To rectify this, Volkswagen invested heavily in a new Tennessee factory and in two sedans developed specifically for what they perceived to be North American priorities: interior roominess and low cost.… More →

People who drive a lot drive these cars

Among the many things we check when preparing the reliability stats are unusually high odometer readings. Some people add an extra zero by mistake. Others simply spend an insane amount of time on the road. The latter is especially likely with two cars: VW’s Golf/Jetta/Rabbit TDIs (diesels) and Toyota’s Prius. Looking at 2010s, with readings averaged over the past four… More →

2013 Midsize Sedan Price Analysis

For 2013 Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, and Nissan have all redesigned their midsize sedans. Toyota and Volkswagen did the same last year. Is any of them clearly a better value than the others? Maybe the new Accord? Honda claims to have added “thousands of dollars in new standard features” to the 2013. Or, as is often the case in highly competitive… More →