People who drive a lot drive these cars

Not actually a TDI, but it is a Jetta.

Among the many things we check when preparing the reliability stats are unusually high odometer readings. Some people add an extra zero by mistake. Others simply spend an insane amount of time on the road. The latter is especially likely with two cars: VW’s Golf/Jetta/Rabbit TDIs (diesels) and Toyota’s Prius.

Looking at 2010s, with readings averaged over the past four quarters, the Golf TDIs have an average of 38,500 miles, the Prii 37,097 miles. The Honda Accord? 31,230. With 2004s, the averages are 177,964, 128,137, and 102,181 miles, respectively.

This makes rational sense. Diesels and hybrids both get much better fuel economy than regular cars, but they also cost more. The more miles someone drives, the more quickly this extra cost is recouped. Diesel engines also tend to last longer. Hybrids? The jury’s still out, but a few Prii are now well over the 200k mark.

  • azinck3

    Interesting stats. I’m especially interested to see how the newer TDIs fare. DPF maintenance, DSG issues, HPFP problems, and intercooler icing on the newer common-rail diesels are a big topic of conversation on the TDI forums so I’m not convinced they’re going to have the longevity of the older TDIs. But it’s hard to get a good sense of how common a problem really is just by reading forums where everyone’s working themselves up into a lather. That’s where this site is so helpful. So keep us posted.

  • Will do. I think they’ve at least solved the intercooler icing.

  • N4TECguy

    Interesting. Always thought I did only slightly above average miles. Guess I’m well into the upper mileage echelon with my 135K 2007 Accord.

  • You’re well above the average for all drivers. But if you happen to be a working male, then the average is about 18,000: