Car reliability stats now cover through end of September 2014

Forester front quarterUpdated stats have been posted based on owner experiences through the end of September.

Anyone trying to choose between the new Forester and new CX-5 based on reliability, sorry, we can’t offer much help. For the 2015 Forester, 46 owners reported a total of zero repairs. For the 2015 CX-5, 31 owners reported…zero repairs.

Zero repairs were also reported through the end of September for the new A3, Genesis, and GTI, but with only 11-12 owners responding so far in each case we aren’t yet posting even an asterisked stats for these. I’m impressed regardless, as these are all-new cars.

We have an asterisked stat for the 2015 WRX, and it’s not a pretty one. With 16 owners responding, six repairs. Annualized, this works out to a bit over a repair trip per car per year. An accurate stat will have to await more data, but this isn’t pointing in a good direction.

Updated car reliability stats